April 18, 2023

Seven Ways to Support Refugees in Your Community

In 2022 there were over 27 million refugees around the globe. At CCS, we believe that every person deserves a safe place to call home. By offering your support, you can help refugees feel at home and integrate into their new surroundings. Here are seven ways you can make a difference in the lives of those seeking refuge in your area.  

1. Educate Yourself About Refugees and the Resettlement Process

Start by reading books, articles, and reports about the topic. You can also watch documentaries and videos that focus on the experiences of refugees. Another great way to learn is attending workshops, conferences, and events that provide information and insights about the challenges that refugees face. By doing so, you can increase your understanding and help build a more informed and compassionate society.

2. Volunteer As a Tutor

There are many volunteer opportunities with CCS to support the refugee community, such as becoming a Refugee ESL or Youth Tutor. ESL Tutors help teach skills to improve the English language, which is essential to self-sufficiency. Youth Tutors help teach and support youth in other educational skills. Find more information about volunteering as a tutor here.  

3. Volunteer As a Refugee Youth Mentor

Youth Mentors are matched with recently arrived refugee youth that are anywhere from late Elementary to High School age. A Youth Mentor’s role is to be a friend to their mentee, help them adjust to a new cultural environment, discover and develop their strengths, and engage with others and the community in positive ways. As a Youth Mentor, you will plan fun and meaningful activities to do with your mentee. Find more information about volunteering as a mentor here. 

4. Make an In-kind or Monetary Donation

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make an in-kind donation, check out our Amazon Lists for each department. Have old furniture you are getting rid of? Donate it to support a refugee family being resettled in your community. By giving in-kind and monetary donations to resettlement programs, you’re helping support refugees and letting them know they’re welcome in your community. Find more information about donating here.  

5. Provide Employment for Refugees

Consider supporting businesses that employ refugees or encouraging businesses to hire refugees. If you’re a business owner yourself, consider contacting CCS’ Job Development team to learn about partnering with us. Ultimately, providing employment opportunities for refugees helps them become self-sufficient, contribute to the local economy, and promotes a more diverse and inclusive society.  

6. Advocate for Refugees to be Resettled in Your Community

A simple way to support and welcome the refugee community is to advocate for them to be resettled into your community. This includes reaching out to your elected officials and asking them to support refugee resettlement in your community, attending community events and advocating for the importance of welcoming refugees, and being vocal with your support for refugee resettlement on social media and in conversations with friends and family.

7. Become a Refugee Foster Parent

Nearly half of the world’s refugees are youth under the age of eighteen. Some of these youth have been separated from their families or orphaned. Surviving all odds, they are resettled to the United States without their own families. There are less than twenty programs in the United States that resettle unaccompanied refugee minors, and only one in the state of Utah — CCS.  

These youth need a loving environment and a chance to succeed, and this is only possible if there are foster families willing to welcome them into their homes. By providing a foster home you can help a youth transition into adulthood, heal from trauma, and feel safe and loved. Learn more about becoming a Refugee Foster Parent here.  


There are many ways to support refugees in your community. By coming together, we can create a more welcoming and supportive environment for those who have fled their countries in search of safety and a better life. Let's continue to show compassion and empathy towards our fellow human beings and make a positive impact in their lives.