March 13, 2023

CCS Housing Partner Shares Experience

CCS’ Refugee Resettlement team works diligently to ensure that recently arrived refugee clients have everything they need to settle into life here in Utah.  

Our experienced staff provide clients with a variety of services including case management, job placement, health services, interpretation, transportation, housing, food assistance, and more in an effort to empower clients to reach self-sufficiency. 

Doing so requires the assistance of our many community partners—those who volunteer, donate, and offer their professional assistance.  

One partner that assists CCS in housing recently arrived refugee clients is Preservation Duplexes. 

Preservation Duplexes is part of the Utah Nonprofit Housing Corporation, whose mission is to provide affordable housing for those in need.  

According to Katie Saxton, Property Manager for Preservation Duplexes, CCS’ work mirrors the goals of Preservation Duplexes and the Utah Nonprofit Housing Corporation well.  

“We look at it as a really strong partnership where we can provide the housing and you are providing the people that need the housing,” she said. 

However, Katie sees the partnership as much more. 

“I describe it as God’s work,” Katie said, “It's very meaningful. We have a purpose to what we do. It isn't just moving papers around when you know that you have so impactfully changed a family's life.” 

As she reflected on her experience, Katie shared a fond memory from the first time she met one family resettled by CCS from Afghanistan.  

As the family walked into their new home, the daughter, through an interpreter, shared with Katie how excited she was to go to school.  

“It just melts your heart,” Kaite said. "We are just so proud, and I am so proud, to be affiliated with Catholic Community Services to be able to help place these families.” 

Katie also recommends other property owners to consider getting involved in a similar capacity. 

“I would encourage any management company to sit down and have a conversation with Catholic Community Services,” Katie encourages. “Explore what a working relationship would look like for you. 

To learn more about how your organization can get involved, contact Justin Wilson at .