November 22, 2022

Three Signs You are Ready to Become a Refugee Foster Parent

Becoming a refugee foster parent can be an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience. Fostering gives you the opportunity to positively impact the life of a youth. But fostering is also a big decision, and you want to ensure you are ready before taking on such a big responsibility.  

How do you know that you are ready to foster?

You want to make an impact.

Of the world’s 26 million refugees (about the population of Texas), nearly half are children. Seeking refuge in a new country is challenging no matter the circumstance but seeking refuge as an unaccompanied minor comes with a unique set of challenges. If you have been hoping to have a positive impact in a child’s life or have a desire to positively impact the refugee community, Refugee Foster Care might be a great fit for you!  

Your family is on board.  

Not everyone will support your decision to foster, but it is important that your immediate family is supportive. Fostering is a more rewarding experience when a family is united in their decision to foster. It is crucial that your family and closest supporters understand why you want to become a foster parent, as this will make any obstacles easier to overcome and the youth will feel welcome in your home.  

You can’t stop thinking about it.  

The first thing that we ask people when they attend our initial Information Meeting to learn more about refugee foster care is how long they have been thinking about fostering. The answer is almost always the same: years! Most families have been considering or thinking about it for quite some time, but they were not sure they were ready.  

Nearly every current refugee foster parent has been there— grappling with the hopes and fears of fostering, deciding if they were ready. There is never a perfect time to start, and there will always be a reason to say no. If you have been thinking about fostering, know that you will never be fully prepared or completely ready, but you might just be enough as you are. If you can’t stop thinking about fostering, we are here to help you decide when will be the right day to start your journey!


As you consider Refugee Foster Care, and welcoming a new youth into your home, we know you have questions and we’re prepared to answer them!  

Refugee Foster Parent Information Meetings are held via Zoom on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm. For more information on becoming a foster parent please email us at or fill out an inquiry form here.