November 08, 2021

Basic Needs Ogden Assists COVID-19 Survivor Amidst Recovery

Kenyon, an Ogden native, recently began accessing Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank after running into health complications. 

Earlier this year, Kenyon, a semi-truck driver, was hospitalized due to COVID-19 while driving through Nebraska. He spent six weeks in the hospital, and was ventilated for two and a half of those weeks. 

Once he was released from the hospital, Kenyon was flown back to Utah for rehabilitation.  

Since then, Kenyon hasn’t been able to return to work. He says that the services at Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank have allowed him stretch his monthly Social Security check a little further. 

“Before it was ‘What can I sell so that I can eat?’” Kenyon said. “Now, I can eat and still have a little extra money—not much, but a little.” 

According to Kenyon, the staff members at Basic Needs Ogden have gone above and beyond to help him and his wife as they adjust to their new situation.  

Upon returning to Ogden, Kenyon and his wife moved into a new trailer. While Kenyon was working, they’d lived on the road. Unfortunately, after his hospitalization they lost the storage unit housing their belongings and needed to move their possessions underneath the trailer. 

Kenyon discussed the situation with Ken, Basic Needs Ogden’s Pantry Supervisor, and he was able to provide the family with pallets. 

“Ken was very helpful and got me some pallets to put under the trailer to keep our stuff on so it wouldn’t get wet,” he said. “I didn’t think they’d be able to do that, but he did. Oh, that was so helpful.” 

Catholic Community Services’ team at Basic Needs Ogden has the opportunity to serve clients like Kenyon every day. We’re beyond grateful to hear their stories, to serve them, and to call them friends.  

To learn more about Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank and Basic Needs Ogden, visit our programs page.