April 22, 2021

CCS Welcomes Volunteers Back

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, society has had to adjust in almost every aspect of life. We’ve changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and even the way we grocery shop. We’ve also changed the way we volunteer our time.  

Over the last year, volunteering with Catholic Community Services has looked vastly different than it has historically. Some volunteer opportunities were suspended for a period of time, while others transitioned to a virtual platform.  

As we turn a corner on the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic Community Services is welcoming back volunteers in various capacities. Explore each department’s area of highest need below. 



St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall recently reopened for indoor service. We are beyond excited to once again be providing our clients with a hot, nutritious meal, as well as a place to enjoy it. 

With the reopening of the facility comes an increased need for volunteers to help prepare and serve meals. This is a great service opportunity for both individuals and groups. For more information, please contact Monica Rich at  or by phone at 801-428-1366. 

Learn more about additional volunteer opportunities with Basic Needs Salt Lake below. 

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Those interested in volunteering at our Ogden location are invited to volunteer at the Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank warehouse. Warehouse Volunteers will assist in sorting donated food items, tracking inventory, and assembling boxes and bags of food for clients. 

To join our warehouse team as a volunteer, contact Damian Aguilera at  or by phone at 801-428-1296.  

Learn more about additional volunteer opportunities with Basic Needs Ogden below. 

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Migration and Refugee Services recently transitioned two volunteer opportunities—ESL Tutor and Youth Tutor— from fully virtual to a hybrid of virtual and in-person. Additional volunteers will be needed for these opportunities come Fall 2021. Those interested in completing onboarding now in preparation for the fall are invited to contact Ermina Mustafic at  or by phone at 801-428-1312.  

Learn more about additional volunteer opportunities with Migration and Refugee Services below. 

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To the dedicated volunteers who invest their time with Catholic Community Services, thank you! Because of your service, we are able to achieve the mission of practicing the gospel values of love, compassion and hope through service, support, and collaboration.