Hector and Martin are brothers who immigrated to the US with their father 15 years ago. What little money they had went to paying rent, food, and other bills. There was never anything left for green card application fees. 

After years of hard work in school and in after school jobs, the brothers graduated from high school. But with this great achievement came their 18th birthdays all before they could apply for their green cards.

The US Immigration Service declared they were too old to apply for green card status through their parents and thus would have to apply as independent adults.

Afraid the boys would be forced back to a country they had never known, the family came to CCS in a panic. Thankfully, our immigration lawyers were able to quickly identify the errors in their case that had denied application and helped Hector and Martin re-apply for their green cards. Our attorneys represented them in their interviews, detailed and explained the relevant law to the Immigration officer, and succeeded in helping them finally get the green cards.

Both brothers are now finally able to feel like they have a future in the US, and both are doing quite well. They each have jobs, and are in the process of saving up money for college in Utah!

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