Advocate for Catholic Community Services

Don't have the resources to donate or the time to volunteer, but still want to make a difference? There are many ways to get involved with CCS and provide help and create hope for people in our community.

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Be our Guest

We have several events and promotions throughout the year. By buying a table, donating a backpack, or helping organize one of our various events you help our clients regain self-sufficiency.

Create Your Own Project

Don't see something? If you have other ideas on how to help CCS, we would love to hear them! Email  or call 801-428-1321 with your ideas.

Some past examples involve classroom projects, themed donation drives, and photo essays.

Support Legislation

Catholic Community Services of Utah supports the right of all people to live a free and happy life regardless of race, religion or personal circumstance. You can help CCS and its clients by supporting legislation that allows everyone the chance at a fulfilling life.

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